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Cilindro con livello di sicurezza certificato, possibilità di ammaestramento per il controllo di accessi di abitazioni o di realtà commerciali.

Progettato secondo la norma europea EN 1303:2015


La certificazione SKG garantisce in modo continuativo la conformità dei prodotti ai più alti requisiti di sicurezza.

La certificazione SKG è un valore aggiunto fondamentale per le prove anti-effrazione


Livello di sicurezza:

• sistema di cifratura a 6 perni

 • Resistenza al picking grazie ai controperni sagomati a fungo

• Resistenza al trapano grazie agli inserti posizionati nel corpo e nei cilindretti

• Resistente al bumping


Key related security:

• Grado 5: min. 30.000 cifrature

• Chiave standard verticale in ottone nichelato

 • Numerazione a codice sul collo della chiave



Cylinder with a certified security level, with good master keying potential to control accesses of houses or medium-sized commercial organisations.

Developed following the European standard EN 1303:2015

Products displaying the SKG trademark provide higher resistance to the most common break-in techniques, such as drilling.


Attack resistance:

 Locking system with 6 pins.

 • Resistance to lock-picking thanks mushroom-shaped driver pins.

• Drill resistance thanks to inserts positioned in the body and the rotors

 • Resistance to bumping.


Key related security:

• Grade 5: min. 30.000 key combinations.

• Standard vertical nickel-plated brass keys.

• Numbered code on the neck of the key.


Cilindro con nivel de seguridad certificado, posibilidad de amaestramiento para el control del acceso a viviendas o realidades comerciales.

Diseñado según la norma europea EN 1303:2015


La certificación SKG garantiza continuamente que sus productos cumplen con los más altos requisitos de seguridad.

La certificación SKG es un valor añadido clave para las pruebas de robo



Nivel de seguridad:

  Sistema a 6 pitones

• Resistencia al picking gracias a los contra-pitones en forma de hongo

• Resistencia al taladro gracias a las plaquitas colocadas en el cuerpo y en los rotores

• Resistente al BUMPING


Seguridad relacionada con la llave:

• Grado 5: min. 30.000 cifras

• Llave vertical estándar en latón níquelado

  Numeración de códigos en el cuello de la llave


Intercambiabile con altri modelli da montante 

Interchangeable with other kind of door style panic device

Interchangeable avec autres types de ouverture antipanique pour montant

Intercambiable con otros tipos de montante

Thursday, 19 December 2019 07:57


Paragon Bay is a vibrant new regional retail environment and the first mall in Abu Dhabi directly overlooking Marina Square’s stunning marina, the waterfront and the city’s skyline. The mall’s design and its stylish and elegant outdoor environments, where people can gather, shop and be entertained, has already challenged the region’s traditional "mall" concept and set a new standard in the industry.

Nestled between 13 residential towers, an office tower and a five-star 500-room hotel, and home to an array of more than 120 specialty stores featuring renowned international brands, this three-storey shopping centre will be the destination of choice for affluent and sophisticated trendsetters seeking a uniquely rewarding retail and hospitality experience including over 25 fine dining and food and beverage destinations, many of which will be making their debut in the capital.

As Abu Dhabi’s newest retail destination, Paragon Bay will be transforming the shopping and dining experience into an unforgettable occasion. Each visit to the first-class, beachfront and family-friendly Promenade promises a feast of thrills and excitement with favorite attractions from a seven-screen cinema to an appealing mix of shops, services and eateries.

The mall also features a spectacular 700-square meter, fully air-conditioned centre atrium and a 12,300-square meter exterior Fountain Court & Promenade, which will regularly host major events and exhibitions.

An estimated footfall of 8-million customers is expected during the first full year of operation

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